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HT5.1/2 , 50129399 Leuze Diffuse Sensor With Background Suppression

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  • RANGE: 15-400MM
  • 3 WIRE
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HT5.1/2 , 50129399 Leuze Diffuse Sensor With Background Suppression

Standard models (LED and laser)

Red-light background sensors for simple and fast alignment. Infrared diffuse sensors also detect objects with different color with the slightest offset. Laser diffuse sensors for the detection of the smallest objects or with beam guidance though an opening.

All-rounder for detecting and measuring: The new ODT 3C

In many industrial processes, it is not only important that an object is present, but also that it is in a specific position or on the conveyor belt at a specific distance from the machine. Even checking whether an object is separate or lying on top of another object on the conveyor belt can be crucial for the subsequent (packaging) process steps. To perform these tasks with a single sensor, the sensor must supply both switching and measuring information to the machine control. We have achieved this with the development of the new ODT 3C.

The ODT 3C is both a switching and a measuring sensor. This makes it ideal for applications that involve both detection and measurement tasks. As a result, our customers can now perform these tasks easily and effectively with a single sensor.
With the new ODT 3C.Available Stock In Bangladesh.

Technical features:-

Basic Data:-

Series 5
Operating principle Diffuse reflection principle with background suppression

Special Version:-

Optical Data:-

Black-white error < 15% up to 200 mm
Operating range Guaranteed operating range
Operating range, white 90% 0.005 … 0.4 m
Operating range, gray 18% 0.01 … 0.3 m
Operating range, black 6% 0.015 … 0.2 m
Operating range limit Typical operating range
Operating range limit 0.005 … 0.4 m
Adjustment range 15 … 400 mm
Beam path Focused
Light source LED, Red
Wavelength 645 nm
LED group Exempt group (in acc. with EN 62471)
Type of light spot geometry Round
Focus Fixed
Focal distance 200 mm

Electrical Data:-

Protective circuit Polarity reversal protection
Short circuit protected

Performance Data:-

Supply voltage UB 10 … 30 V, DC, Incl. residual ripple
Residual ripple 0 … 15 %, From UB
Open-circuit current 0 … 15 mA


Number of digital switching outputs 1 Piece(s)

Switching Outputs 1:-

Switching element Transistor, NPN
Switching principle Light switching

Time Behavior:-

Switching element Transistor, NPN
Switching principle Light switching

Connection 1:-

Function Signal OUT
Voltage supply
Type of connection Cable
Cable length 2,000 mm
Sheathing material PUR
Cable color Black
Number of conductors 3 -wire
Wire cross section 0.2 mm²

Mechanical Data:-

Dimension (W x H x L) 11.4 mm x 32.1 mm x 17.8 mm
Housing material Plastic
Plastic housing PC-ABS
Lens cover material Plastic / PMMA
Net weight 50 g
Housing color Black
Type of fastening Two M3 threaded sleeves
Via optional mounting device

Operation & Display:-

Type of display LED
Operational controls Multiturn potentiometer
Function of the operational control Range adjustment

Environmental Data:-

Ambient temperature, operation -40 … 60 °C
Ambient temperature, storage -40 … 70 °C

Data Sheet:-PDF

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HT5.1/2 , 50129399 Leuze Diffuse Sensor With Background Suppression